Kung Fu for men

Thanks to our training program, you will learn to defend yourself and gain more confidence in yourself and your strength, which is one of the main reasons that usually leads to Wing Chun Kung Fu training.


IWKA Wing Chun teaches two forms of self-defense – physical and internal.

We make sure you find the best solution for any situation and that you are energetic in the face of challenges.

After training, you will be full of enthusiasm and gain new knowledge, which will help you be successful in other areas of life.

You will learn to hit hard and effectively. By developing your physical skills, you will develop reflexes, strengthen strength, and become more agile. We hope that you will not have to use these skills in practice, but we believe that it is very important to be able to defend yourself.

Our specially perfected ritual fighting program has taught students to avoid fighting before it has begun. You will learn pre-delimitation techniques, thanks to which you will be able to assess each situation and avoid possible problems. The best self – defense is to learn to avoid dangerous people and places.

Our Kung Fu lessons will give you health right after you start training. You will breathe better, sleep deeper and be more energetic.
Your immunity will strengthen, you will become more resistant to diseases. And if you get sick, you will recover significantly faster. This program is designed to encourage and motivate you.

Thanks to our training program, your body will change incredibly. By training, you will burn excess calories, strengthen muscles and improve metabolism. If you have problems with nutrition, it’s not your fault.


Wing Chun Kuen

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that originated in the southern Shaolin Temple. In this monastery, one training hall was called Kilming Chun Dim or Hall of Eternal Spring. The followers of this martial art were called Wing Chun Chun Kuen, or the fist of eternal spring.

It so happened that the temple was burned down and martial arts were transmitted in secret until 1950, when it became available to all in Hong Kong.


y learning kung fu with us, you will develop a new sense of “I”. You will become more confident and ready to reach new heights. Here you will realize that what you believe in is directly related to what you achieve. Thanks to the real confidence that you develop through training, you will work better, communicate better and be able to improve every area of life


Meet the leaders

IWKA Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola began his career in martial arts with the Japanese judo martial arts at the age of six in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. At the age of twelve, he studied Pencak Silat (Pamur style) and Wado Kai karate.


Sergio Pascal

Sifu Linas Raišys – IWKA Kung Fu teacher, Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola private student, founder of Wing Chun Martial Arts Association in Lithuania, director of IWKA Wing Tjun Kung Fu Academy, self-defense expert, promoter of Martial Arts Association Wing Chun, member of IWKA association national leader / instructor in Lithuania and Estonia. He is the head coach of IWKA Vilnius, IWKA Panevėžys, IWKA Kaunas and IWKA Tallinn schools.


Linas Raišys


26 years old


26 years old