About us

The IWKA (Internal wisdom and knowledge association) has added some new departments under its umbrella in the last years, one of them was The Experience martial arts online academies of which more will come out in 2023.

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola the founder of IWKA 1700 internal system of Wing Chun”. International Chief Instructor and Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong-based IWKA Association, Official West Representative of Sifu Cheng Kwong (Hong Kong) Ving Tsun and Dragon Kung Fu Association, and Chief Instructor of Sifu Sunny So and Sifu Cliff Ip (Hong Kong) in the USA and in Europe.

Our mission

As masters of Kung fu, we aim to help our clients improve their health in a fundamental and long-term way, and to create harmony between body and soul, to teach them to overcome stress, fear and to be able to defend themselves.