Tai Chi

Tian Zhaolin and Huang Yuanxiu performing the Taiji two-person set, the 88 San Shou, This two man Set goes through all the applications of the Traditional Yang Taijiquan Middle Frame and Small Frame

I have been very fortunate to learn this complete set from the Grandson of Grandmaster Tian Zhaolin Sifu Tian Bing Yuan, and yes it’s part of the Curriculum of the www.experiencetaiji.com online academy.

You will learn the Traditional Yang Taiji Zhong Jia (Middle frame) and Xiao Jia (Small frame) first, then learn the applications through the 88 San Shou in the fixed order of the Set. Then free yourself from the fixed order and mix the 88 San Shou reacting accordingly. And finally free yourself completely and react and apply all during completely Free San Shou sparring using the 8 Gates (Energies of Yang Taijiquan).

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